Expert Work

Experts are persons with special knowledge, skill, experience, training and/or education that goes beyond the experience of ordinary members of the public. The role experts play will vary from case to case. Sometimes an expert will serve solely as a consultant to the lawyer, and remain in the background, without his or her name ever being known to the other side. At other times an expert will be used in the pre-trial stages, perhaps to give an affidavit supporting an element of the case, completing an assessment, exam, report, etc. In other cases the expert may serve solely as an expert witness at trial. Sometimes an expert will play a combination of these roles.

My expert work includes forensic work within which expert testimony, IMEs, personal injury evaluations, capacity evaluations, etc are used to determine testamentary capacity. I am regularly asked to complete medical file reviews, disability reviews, and peer reviews.


  • Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist/Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • 25+ years of experience providing psychological treatment and comprehensive neuropsychological assessments to indivduals w/ medical, mental, and physical conditions
  • Expert witness in personal injury trials
  • Currently in private practice
  • Published on traumatic brain injury, dementia, pratice issues, and neuropsychology
  • Experience in pediatric and adult medical and rehabilitation centers
  • Awarded Fellow Status by National Academy of Neuropsychology and American College of Professional Neuropsychology
  • Member of INS, APA, NAN, ASCH, Div. 40/42, ACPN

Specialties & Experience

General Specialties 

Neuropsychology and Psychology

Specialty Focus
Medico-Legal Evaluations, PTSD, Neuropsychological Assessment, Acquired Brain Injury, TBI, Stroke, Neurological Disorders, Chronic Pain, Neuro IMEs, Worker’s Compensation, Second Opinion, Capacity/Competency Evaluations, Testamentary Capacity, Dementia, Child/Adolescent/Geriatric Populations

Expert Categories

Behavioral Analysis, Child – Adolescent Psychology / Development, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health & Wellbeing, Health / Public Health, Hypnotherapy – Hypnosis, IME / DME Observations / Examinations, Medical Record Review, Medical Specialists, Mental and Behavioral Health Care/Disorders, Neuropsychology, Pain Management – Chronic Pain, Parent – Child Relations, Psychological Disability Evaluation, Psychology (General), Psychology: Social Development, Speakers – Seminars, Stress Management, Workers Compensation (HR)

Type of work experts and consultants perform